Fish Care


Keep'n it fresh

Keeping the fish in top condition from the time you iki it till the time it is cooked is relatively easy, and what a difference it makes to the taste.

  1. Fill a chilly bin (insulated Bin) with lots of ice
  2. As fish are caught, Iki-jimie them using your Ikigun straight away into the brain
  3. Slop some water into the fish bin, and add plenty of ice, dropping the dead fish into this “slurry’ as they come aboard. Keep adding ice regularly
  4. At any break in the action, remove the stomach and gills and drop the fish back into the slurry
  5. At home time, remove the fish from the slurry, and pack into the ‘Chilly Bin’ (insulated container) or another fish bin, ensuring each fish is covered with ice and the gill and stomach are filled with ice
  6. Following these simple steps has very real advantages.

When the time comes to prepare the fish for the table, the job is much easier and much more pleasant, but by far the biggest bonus will be the taste.

There is little to compare with the taste of fish that has been well cared for since capture, especially fish that we have caught ourselves


Filleting a Fish

  1. Cut behind the head while angling the knife towards the front of the fish
  2. Cut down to the bone and follow the line through to just behind the fins on the cut cavity
  3. Turn the fish over and run the knife just clear of the fins with a slight downward angle. When you feel the knife is down to the bone, reduce the angle and follow the bone until you come up against the backbone.
  4. Peel the fillet back and run the knife over the backbone serving the small lateral fish bones in the process, stop at this point
  5. Turn the fish over and repeat the first cut you that you made behind the fish-head on the other side
  6. Repeat the second cut near the dorsal fin with the knife angled slightly

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  • Luke Darby