5 Points

Wind, wind, wind - while it doesn't affect the fish it's certainly ruffled a few fishos this xmas.
For those not stuck at work with time up the sleeve the forecasts is promising.
As mentioned in our previous post 'How to spot a Work-up' - the best thing about no wind isn't just a smooth boat trip -
its the ability to easily spot activity like fish jumping or birds feeding.
"But how do I catch them?" I hear you say.
Follow these 5 points for successful work-up fishing:

1. RESPECT - Don't roar through if whales, dolphins are present - your engine affects their sonar - there's plenty of fish
around the edge of a workup picking up the scraps - namely snapper.

2. ROD - The ability to cast into a workup is the best option - its less disruptive. Spin outfits are better for this as they allow you to cast lures further.

3. REEL- All sizes of fish can be present at a workup - including sharks - remember to match your breaking strain to your desired fish size.

4. HOOK - Lures - far more effective in this scenario than bait. Something moving is more enticing to frenzied fish.

5. BIRDS - Finally - just because the birds stop diving doesn't mean it’s over - follow them - workups often start again
minutes later.

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  • Luke Darby