How long will my Ikigun last?

Engineered to survive the harsh marine environment your Ikigun is built to last. It is made up from performance plastics (Polyoxymethylene / Polyamide 6) and marine grade Stainless / Tool Steels. These plastics are able to withstand the impacts and heavy UV exposure of being on a boat. After use we recommend that you flush your Ikigun with fresh water and allow to dry.

What size fish will my Ikigun kill?

We have had feedback of the Ikigun killing a wide variety of fish now. The limiting factor is really the length of the spike. This protrudes 50mm out the end of the gun. The gun has 3 power settings and providing you are approaching from the correct angle and location it will be able to kill your fish.

Is it safe for children?

No. Like anything sharp it can be potentially harmful in the wrong hands.

My Ikigun has jammed up, what should I do?

The Ikigun could jam up if it gets sand down in the chamber. We recommend flushing it out after use especially if it has been in a sandy environment. However, if this doesn't work then perhaps your Ikigun was one of our early models. We have recently opened up the clearances internally as we had reports of the Ikigun jamming up. The Nylon material of the ram is subject to swelling up slightly and this had occurred in some models. Contact us immediately via email address and we will remedy this.

My aiming spike has bent, how can I fix it?

To fix your aiming spike the best thing to do is to remove all of the allen key bolts in the side and seperate the 2 main halves. The aiming spike can then be removed and straightened or replaced with another St.steel jolt head nail. Simply replace all the parts and screw it back together.

What's wrong with just using a knife?

Nothing - but people prefer the Ikigun because ...

  1. its an accurate, effortless way to penetrate tough, scaly fish.
  2. its gun-like trigger action is ergonomic and fun to use.
  3. it get peoples attention which often leads to conversation about 'iki-jime'